Sunday, November 21, 2010

Progressive Metal's Distinct Sound

While most forms of music have their own subgenres, there isnt much discernable diference between them all, except in metal(and electronic music, but this isn't an electronic blog now is it?). In Progressive Metal, a few sounds you can always hear are higher pitched voices, voices not afraid to hit above a chain-smoker's low growl, but magnificant beastly wails as the guitarists shred on to infinity. Prog Metal is also one of only very few subgenres to feature female vocalists too, furthering the "high pitch voice" feature.

Some people might throw folk metal in with Progressive, as it is similar, but most Prog bands dont feature non-guitar instruments, such as fiddles, violins, pianos, and mandolins like folk metal bands do.

So im going to throw down another good Prog(or Power...) Metal song for you all, hope you enjoy :)

Lost Horizon - Cry Of A Restless Soul - 8:23

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