Monday, January 30, 2012

More Amazing Tech Metal

Over the weekend, using Spotify radio, I heard an amazing song that is a collaboration between Pendulum, an electronic Drum And Bass band, and In Flames, a Swedish metal band that does Death metal, Power metal, and regular Heavy metal.

In this case, the song is a Death metal version of Pendulum's Self vs. Self. The song has a collaboration of vocals from both bands, guitar from In Flames, and electronic after-effects from Pendulum. This song to me, was so good upon first hearing it, that I honestly hit the replay button on Youtube about 15 times before continuing in my search for more great music.

I really hope you enjoy this song nearly as much as I did.

Self Vs Self - Pendulum feat. In Flames


  1. I occasionally enjoy metal bands such as Amon Amarth- they know their roots and are much better than all that black rap/hip hop garbage the liberal media shoves down our throats.

  2. this is some good stuff. following.