Friday, January 6, 2012

VH1Classic filled with metal goodies

On advanced cable, lay an offshoot of the usual VH1, VH1Classic. All they air is documentaries about rock, metal bands, country bands, live concert performances of aforementioned bands, music videos, and my favorite, a show called "That Metal Show".

TMS is hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, who routinely have metal and hard rock giants on, like Dave Mustaine(vocals, lead guitar for Megadeth), Marilyn Manson, Ace Frehly(lead guitarist for Kiss) and guitarist legend, Yngwie Malmsteen. The show features recurring segments including:
  • Stump The Trunk (metal trivia)
  • The Throwdown (analysis of an album/band/song)
  • Pick of the Week (self explanatory)
  • Whatever Happened To...? (self explanatory)
  • TMS Top 5  (several bands/albums/songs thrown out, consensus reached as to impact)

I always set my DVR to record this and love watching it over a few times, as its a chance to really learn, and see famous musicians acting candidly, away from the sweat and noise of the stage or recording studio. 

Watch free recordings of episodes on their site, at That Metal Show Homepage


  1. I'm going to have to start recording that too. TiVi away!

  2. Interesting! Never heard of this show before, but definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing.