Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blog re-activation and revamp

I originally created this blog to share my love of Metal with the world, thinking like a starry-eyed kid who's found the next greatest thing that the world needs to know about. While I still feel like the world needs to know about Metal music, I have tempered my expectations and have decided to share my finds and thoughts in a more pithy and succinct manner.

My first post was in 2010 and the last was in 2013, totalling 22 posts in three year - an abysmal number by any blogger's standards. I was rather surprised to see that I had 4000 views after all this time despite not advertising the blog anywhere, so "thank you" to those 4000 who stopped by, and "I'm sorry" for not keeping up with posting. I'll certainly try harder this time around.

I will continue doing themed posts and share funny images, but I won't ramble about intricacies of songs or muse over the meaning of the lyrics - I certainly wouldn't be the first blog to try and do that and I'd rather do things my own way. "Shut up and play music" is something that comes to mind every time I listen to the radio (which is rather rare these days, (thank you very much Spotify!), so that's the angle I'll go for with the revamp - plain, clean, simple. Music, track/album info (genre supplied by either the band's bio or Wikipedia entry), album picture or song thumbnail, link to the band's site, a few different links to the track, and a quick thought on the song.

How's this for a first entry?

Artist: The Contortionist
Song: Language I: Intuition
Album: Language
Year: 2014
Genre: Progressive Metal

Thoughts: I really appreciate the mellow build up in the song and how well balanced it is - nothing is done in excess and every note is methodical and harmonious - I listened to the entire album after hearing this song and was very happy with it.

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