Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy Old Man Blaring Metal In Traffic

So I was driving through my city recently, listening to the radio with the windows down, and pulled up to a stop light, only to pull up to an old beaten-up pick up truck, with an old scraggly looking man, who appeared to be in his 60s, at the wheel.

I heard some beastly wail emanate from his car, so I turned down my radio and listened. He was playing a metal song, but I had never heard it before. I managed to get the old man's attention, and he turned down the music to talk between our cars. The conversation that ensued went something like this:

"Excuse me sir, what song is that?"
"This? Oh this. This Is Blood of the Nations, by Accept. Yeah, its THE SHIT man..."
"Thanks sir, I appreciate it!"
"Fuck yeah man, rock on!"

He then peeled out of there as the light turned green, fist pumping the rock on symbol out of his window... I never saw the old man of metal again, but holy crap, was that old guy awesome.

When I grow old, I hope to be just as cool as he is, minus having a beater for a car.

Anyways, here's the song he had playing: Accept - Blood Of The Nations

Hope you enjoyed the recounting of my epic tale.


  1. Why can't I have an amazing life experience like this?!?!?

  2. well mate ive come to realize few things about metal heads.
    1. nobody ever turns from metal. once you go metal you stay metal. its not like with all these hip-hop changing to dubstep kids
    2. metal heads stick together
    3. its not only music its a way of life