Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Female Metal Vocals

Female vocals in a male dominated genre is a pretty rare thing. I found a band a while ago, and had been listening to it for a good 3 or 4 weeks, before I noticed something slightly off about the vocals. I brushed it off, and went in search of more music from this band. I then found a live version of a song of theirs, and proceeded to watch it, and realised something was even more amiss. The singer of the band was quite shapely, and attractive... Frontman--err... FrontWOMAN, Veronica Freeman, honestly looks like she'd be more at home being a salsa dancer/singer, than a heavy metal vocalist. 

Anyways, Freeman is a very talented singer, and I think the band is a great combo of talent in all aspects; Drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals all combine perfectly to form a band that has me hooked. My favorite song of theirs is Shell Shock - Benedictum.

 Benedictum hasnt toured since the end of 2010, but be sure to check out their site at


  1. So true. Females just sound better though.

  2. Nothing wrong with an attractive girl with talent!

  3. I'm glad bands like Arch Enemy exist, we need more female metal vocalists :)

  4. It is surprising that, after women have made inroads in so many other genres, there are still so few female metal vocalists. Even in symphonic metal.