Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Pantera Song, April 2012 - Piss

Pantera released a brand new song on their own Youtube channel 2 days ago, and it already has close to 450,000 views. The song itself still has the signature sound of Dimebag Darrell's guitar and lead singer Phil Anselmo's amazing voice. The song, called Piss, sounds like its straight off of Cowboys From Hell, their breakthrough album, 22 years earlier. The video for the song consists of the members and random people head-banging, moshing, wielding makeshift weapons, and causing general havoc in a studio, and occasionally sucker punching another band mate. This video is perfect for the song and band, I couldn't help but laugh a bit when I watched the video for the first time.

Pantera bounced around as a band, trading members constantly, and tried out several different styles like Glam Metal(complete with big hair), and Groove Metal, before finally settling on their fusion of Groove, Thrash, and Heavy Metal. Its a strange combo, but it works, and they still sound amazing.

Apparently the song was recorded a long time ago, but never released until this week. Pantera also plans on releasing a new CD come mid-May this year, that contains their new/old song, Piss, and live footage from the band performing at the Monsters of Rock festival, 20 some years ago. The CD is available for pre-order on Itunes.

Pantera - Piss

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