Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Metalocalypse Rises From The Ashes For A New Season

Metalocalypse is back once again, after a year and a half break, with new episodes. Unfortunately, the series has reverted back to airing shorter episodes of 11 minutes each (15 minute time slot with commercials reduces it to 11).

I remember when I watched Metalocalypse for the first time ever when I was younger. I was channel surfing and turned it to Cartoon Network late at night, and saw something I'll never forget. I had arrived at the channel at the perfect time, and saw Dethklok playing a concert, and watched as things spiraled out of control, leading to their head chef getting blown out of a helicopter, and into its blades, only to be stitched back together wrong, providing inspiration for a new song of theirs.

The darkness and twisted humor of the show immediately grabbed my pubescent-male attention, reminding me of the darker TV shows of the past I so loved, like Invader Zim and The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. This show was better than all before it, because it combined my love of dark shows, and metal. Never before had I thought that metal could be turned into a show, and a good one at that. I've religiously watched Metalocalypse ever since I saw that episode, and have seen them all, and own some merchandise from the show even.

You can find their music on Itunes, Amazon, and Youtube, and can watch free episodes on the Adultswim Website. You can watch the newest episode, "Fanklok", here. New episodes premier each Sunday night.

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  1. Love this show, too bad I don't have cable service anymore.