Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blood Stain Child - Electricity

My two favorite super-genres are Metal and Electronic, so this band is a no-brainer for any like-minded(like-eared?) listener. Normally the fusion of the two results in something closer to Industrial or Electro-Industrial, but this band is definitely on the metal side of things. 

They hail from Osaka, Japan and disbanded recently, but their music label still allows licensing for sales and streaming on popular sites. Google the band name and check out some of their group-photos to get an idea of how they incorporated Japanese fashion into the stereotypical "metal band look".

Artist: Blood Stain Child
Song: Electricity
Album: Epsilon
Year: 2011
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Electronic Metal

Thoughts: I really like how they balance male and female vocalists, they expertly chose who would be responsible for singing each part in a way that artistically contrasts their styles and vocal ranges. Side anecdote: Why does all Japanese metal that I've heard seem to be so fast-paced? It would be interesting to find something slower and compare them to see if there's a reason. Perhaps its a reflection of their musical culture or it sounds better given the range of their singing abilities.

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