Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Metallica - Hardwired (New album!)

Metallica seems to be a love/hate band. You'll find three camps of people with opinions about Metallica: "Kiddie Metal", "Love em", or "Who?" It seems Metallica is releasing a new album called "Hardwired.... To Self-Destruct" this Friday (November 18th) and they've released a few of the songs early on their Youtube page. My favorite so far has been "Spit Out The Bone" which was leaked by someone a few days early but has since been pulled from Youtube for copyright violations. I assume they were then kidnapped by Metallica and are currently being tortured in a basement somewhere. 

I honestly prefer their older songs, but you have to give them credit -- they formed the band back in 1981 and have been taking progressively more time between each album as time goes on. They are human after all, so some grace and understanding is necessary. They're well past their prime (they're all in their early 50's now), but still manage to put out good/okay music (if you disagree, we'll have to agree to disagree, no need to get nasty). That's more than most bands can boast, not many survive for 30+ years and keep putting out new music. Many classic bands will continue to tour or do collaborations, but few have the energy, time, or desire to dedicate themselves to a full length album anymore. 

Kudos to Metallica for still touring and producing, and congrats on the new album!

Artist: Metallica
Song: Hardwired
Album: Hardwired... To Self-Destruct
Year: 2016
Genre: Heavy Metal


Thoughts: I have mixed feelings about this song and their newest album. The guitar and drums are on-point and amazing as always, but the vocals feel a bit... strained? The band members are much older now than they were in their hay-day, so it's not surprising that their vocal style would change (one of my favorite Death Metal vocalists *ruined* his voice by growling too much, not kidding...).  I enjoy the vocal style they had in the 90's moreso than their current style, so my interest/disinterest balances out. I'd give the album a 7/10 for effort and instrumental skill -- the whole album is definitely worth a listen if you're an old Metallica fan or enjoy Heavy Metal.

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