Friday, November 18, 2016

Mind Shelter - B612 (Zardonic Remix)

I found out about Zardonic the day after Christmas in 2012 and it felt like Christmas all over again -- especially since he was giving away a free album at the time (Metal Up Your Bass (2012 Revamp)). You can still find a preview of the album here on his official Youtube channel along with a tracklist in the description.

Federico Ágreda, a Venezuelan keyboardist and D&B artist is the one-man band that is Zardonic. Despite the fact that most of his works are remixes of other famous songs within certain niche musical genres, he still manages to draw massive crowds when he tours. His signature characteristic is the custom-made mask that he wears for photoshoots and performances (the hair is actually made of various AUX/RCA cables!)

Artist: Mind Shelter
Remix Artist: Zardonic
Song: B612
Album: Unknown
Remix Album: Metal Up Your Bass (2012 Revamp)
Year: 2009?
Genre: Metalcore, Bass Metal

Thoughts: While researching this song, I really couldn't find any good links to anything about the band itself or concrete info about release dates. Discogs lists B612 as their only song, and the band site leads to a  page covered in Japanese writing, but I digress. Listening to the Zardonic version and then listening to the Mind Shelter version really makes me appreciate Ágreda's skill as a musician. I wouldn't listen to the Mind Shelter version even if someone paid me, he really rescued and revamped the song. B612 is actually the song I've listened to the most off of his Metal Up Your Bass album!

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