Sunday, November 20, 2016

Soilwork - Light The Torch/Deliverance Is Mine

Based on my past posts, can you guess why I like Soilwork? Their inclusion of a synth and melodious interludes from the harsh vocals are a great contrast in their musical style making them an easy-listen for people not-yet able to fully handle regular Death Metal, but are still aggressive enough for even the seasoned metalheads. Lucky for me, they're a rather prolific band and have been consistently putting out new albums every 2 years or so since they formed in 1995. Their newest album, "Death Resonance" is filled with rare releases from their older singles and albums but also has two new songs. You can find the album on these sites: Nuclear Blast Record Label - Amazon - Apple Itunes - Spotify

They comissioned music videos for three of their songs , "Light The Torch" off of 'Figure Number Five', "Spectrum of Eternity" off of 'The Living Infinite', and "Deliverance Is Mine" off of 'The Panic Broadcast' seven years later as a followup to the first video. Check out the two related videos below:

Light The Torch - 3:24

Deliverance Is Mine - 3:36

Artist: Soilwork
Song: Light The Torch / Deliverance Is Mine
Album: Figure Number Five / The Panic Broadcast
Year: 2003 / 2010
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


Thoughts: I really prefer their older albums, the new ones feel like they're trying to cram every single bit of sound possible into a song and it doesn't sound right unless you have a very expensive audio setup that's capable of playing it back accurately (I tested it on one such setup and then compared it to generic Apple Earpods, the difference is night and day -- or rather, music and noise.) A lot of their songs are hit or miss, but it's still pretty easy to find at least two or three songs per album to love. I feel similarly with most bands to be honest, so rare is it that I find an album that I love 100% of. I'm not being a snob when I say that, everyone's ears are different and I'm no more wrong for liking what I like than you are for liking what you like -- "To each their own", yes?

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