Sunday, December 11, 2016

Keep of Kalessin - Typology

I'm really glad that there is such a focus on harder metal in Scandanavia. Without that focus, we wouldn't have great bands like Keep of Kalessin. All is not well though, the former front-man for the band was fired from the band after going on a spirit-quest in the African jungle.... For three months... Issues aside, I honestly prefer the new vocalist more than the old one. To each their own though, I'm just glad that they continued making quality music. You can find their music on these sites: Nuclear Blast Records - Amazon Music - Apple iTunes - Google Play Music - Spotify

Arist: Keep of Kalessin
Song: Typology
Album: Heaven of Sin
Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal

Thoughts: Like I said above, I really like the new vocalist (who's actually the founding member responsible for guitars, keyboards, bass as well!) and the inclusion of sampling a movie quote is rather interesting -- I listen a lot of music that samples arcane movies/shows/etc and its generally hit and miss -- and they nailed it in this song. The powerful and consistent guitar was another plus in this song for me. Keep of Kalessin is a Death Metal band, so you can expect a sound consistent with the genre -- vocals are no exception -- but I really enjoyed their healthy variation of pitch and tone that kept things fresh and kept me guessing while I was listening. 

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