Thursday, December 15, 2016

Moonspell - Can't Bee

Short and sweet today. I have a few friends that are metalheads and we swap suggestions for new bands decently often and today's suggestion comes from Farshad, "Can't Bee", by Moonspell, a Portugese Gothic Metal band. You can find their music on these sites: Napalm RecordsAmazon Music - Apple iTunes - Google Play Music - Spotify

Artist: Moonspell
Song: Can't Bee
Album: The Butterfly Effect
Year: 1999
Genre: Gothic Metal


Thoughts: I don't normally make an appoint to listen to Gothic Metal because it's usually too "slow" for me. I generally don't listen to metal to relax actually, I listen to downtempo for that, so the intro to this song threw me for a loop. I was expecting the entire song to be melancholy with some heavy guitar at some point, and was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality guitar that comes in at about the 2-minute mark. I'll definitely be exploring this band further. Thanks again to Farshad!

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